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Make More Money – Have Less Stress – Get Consistent Business – Work From Anywhere

Are you looking for a career where you can…


Make more money


Have less stress


Get referrals from friends


Have a full support staff


Work from anywhere


Stay out of the boring details


Close more deals


Have more time with family


Get a clear path to success


Have autonomy

If you responded  “yes” to any of these, BTG is right for you.

5 Steps to Building a Successful Career in Real Estate

Feeling overwhelmed by the task list for that new listing?

BTG provides you with a full support staff to take care of boring details so you can focus on what actually makes you money.

5 Steps to Building a Successful Career in Real Estate

Who is BTG? 

Learn how we help agents ditch fear, get the support they need, and create a successful business in real estate.  

Ditch the Hustle, Close More Deals

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Through our proven systems and process, and dedicated support staff, you’re able to skyrocket your business to the next leveleither virtually or in person.

Meet Your New Team

As an agent with BTG, you’ll get a full team of administrative staff including a listing manager, transaction manager, and operations manager. Plus, you’ll receive all the training you need, ongoing coaching, and a community of agents to support you throughout the entire process.

Your job? Show the house, negotiate the offer, close the deal, and cash the check. 

Seriously: We take care of everything else.

Brandon Tracy

Owner of BTG

Kyle Bates


Chrissy Valentine

Team Leader

Dalton Davis

Director of Sales

Alyssa Fitting

Director of Operations

Jessica Riley

Director of Transactions

Aaron Ginn-Forsberg

Director of Education

Andrew Saba

Assistant Director of Sales

If you’re tired of trying to do it all—if you feel like you’re working your tail off and getting nowhere—apply to be an agent on our team today.

5 Steps to Building a Successful Career in Real Estate


This is my second year in real estate, and the first time I actually feel in control of my business. The back-to-basics approach to business development, and focusing on what builds a strong business have helped me regain my focus. I am no longer chasing the “shiny things” like paying for leads and looking for quick ways to get a deal. Knowing that I have a support team (the leverage) behind me to fill in and take over the back end of things has allowed me to focus and develop my skills. I have been on the team for almost two months now and can already feel an increased sense of confidence in my abilities.

– Chrissy Edwards, BTG Agent


I felt like I wasn’t gaining any significant traction in my real estate business as a solo agent. The brokerage I worked with provided plenty of information, but no impactful guidance, coaching, or mentorship. I was searching for these, and from an outsider’s perspective, it was evident that BTG offered this and much more. Being an agent with BTG has significantly impacted my business and raised my level of professionalism. It has also provided support during times I travel out of state. BTG is innovative and adaptable, which is absolutely necessary in this ever-changing industry.

– Luis Vidal, BTG Agent

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5 Steps to Building a Career in Real Estate

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5 Steps to Building a Successful Career in Real Estate

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