Beyond the Open House: 5 Tips

Real estate agents typically think open houses end when you lock the front door and pull up the yard signs.

If that’s your mindset, you’re dramatically underestimating the power an open house can actually have on your business. The reality? Following up with the contacts you made during open houses can earn you new clients and more sales.

If you realize that you have been approaching your open houses all wrong, there is no need to worry. We want to help by providing you with 5 tips that are bound to help your open house follow-ups grow your business.

1. Be detailed and engaged

It’s important as an agent that you are tuned in and fully present with your clients. Staying engaged will enhance the relationship you’re trying to build and help you gather all the details you need to know about their desires, needs, and expectations.

2. Take good notes.

The more notes the better. Your notes are one of the only things you can physically take away from the open house. You don’t want to put extensive amounts of effort into the day, to then get back into the office and forget important details.

3. Use tracking forms.

Making sure you utilize tracking forms help to ensure you obtain the correct information which will make your follow-ups easier. It’s important to be organized and have a solid understanding of where all your information is going.

4. Take the time.

It may seem like a tedious task, but it’s worth the effort to take the time and enter all of your contacts in your database (we use Brivity at BTG) and set the correct follow up plans. Try to complete this task as soon after the open house as you can. That way, no one gets accidentally swept under the rug and you remember clearly the needs of each person you came in contact with.

5. Be disciplined.

Be disciplined with your time! We promise that this will help you have better results and save time in the long run.

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