Hopping Off the Production Roller Coaster

So you’re a real estate agent… Your business was doing great, but now you’ve found yourself in a season where your business is doing just… okay. Time passes, and you’re back to having some amazing months, and then everything falls apart again.

Does this sound familiar? This is what we like to call the “production roller coaster.” It’s a scary and frustrating pattern to find yourself in because there is no telling when the next upswing will come. What if it never does?

Here’s the truth – success takes time. Success should be measured over years and decades, not months or weeks. If you’re using months as the gauge for how your business is growing – you’re just fooling yourself. It’s easy to see a good month and think you’ve made it, but those results are likely to fluctuate.

Treat real estate like a career.

The key to breaking this pattern is consistency. To see consistent growth and consistent results, you need consistent effort. Don’t stop focusing on client acquisition, and plan for success by time-blocking your most important activities. Say goodbye to the “production roller coaster” once and for all! Time and consistency guarantee success at pumping those breaks, and hopping right off.

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