How To Handle Fear and Rejection

Let’s face it, being a real estate agent takes guts! Every day you face the possibility of rejection and pressure when encouraging clients to make maybe the biggest purchase of their lives. But in order to be successful in your business – you have to know how to handle fear and rejection. It all comes down to mindset. Allow the value of a yes outweigh the feeling of a no.

We know it’s not easy, but here are some ideas we want you to keep in mind…

Don’t make up stories

Do you remember in elementary school when you were asked a question and you would make something up because you didn’t want to embarrass yourself? Or you wanted to look as cool as your friends? Maybe it was where you went on vacation, what Santa brought you for Christmas, or what grade you got on your test. Real Estate isn’t elementary school. As tempting as it may seem, don’t make up stories or create elaborations that aren’t true for a sale. Honesty will always build trust between you and your client and that is most important.

It’s not personal

Because real estate is a relationship business, it’s easy for things to begin to feel personal. It’s important that you remember that even if your client does not like the houses you’ve shown, or a sale falls through – it’s okay. This is not a reflection of you or your business. It’s simply how the industry works.

People are busy and have complex lives, too

Don’t forget who you’re dealing with. Yes, you need to make sales, but your clients are human as well. Humans who have their own jobs, families, struggles, and outside lives. Keeping this reality in your view will help you a lot when it comes to understanding. In real estate, it is better to understand then to be understood. That is just a fact.

One yes out of one-hundred “No’s” can still bring incredible income

Even if you receive a “no”, it’s not the end of the world. Success takes time, and the only way to reach success is to keep on keepin’ on! With enough patience and persistence you’re bound to see results and boost in your income.

We hope you’re beginning to realize that failure and rejection is actually the pathway to success! It’s important that we learn from our own failures, as well as the failures of those around us, and use it as a tool to help reveal what we could improve on. It’s time to overcome fear and rejection and start building your business!

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