Value Propositions

According to a recent report, as a real estate agent, you (theoretically) have 1.3 million competitors. Crazy, right? So what are you doing to stick out?

We want to propose that it’s not actually what you do that sets yourself apart, it’s how you do it. This can be tricky to determine, let alone communicate. The solution to this problem is value propositions. Value propositions are like an elevator speech. It’s a way we communicate with clients to help inspire them to meet with us for a consultation or allow us to continue to follow up with them when the time is right. Once you get the hang of value propositions, that 1.3 million doesn’t seem as scary. That’s because most agents fail to articulate to their clients why they should use their services instead of anyone else’s.

But when you know your value – you’re way ahead of the game!

At BTG we have 3 core value propositions we teach our agents:

  1. Your value to a potential buyer
  2. Your value to a potential seller
  3. Your value to your business

Once you have pinned down the value for each of these areas, it’s important that you allow them to sink into your brain. The goal is to be able to competently and effectively articulate it, and it needs to sound different than your competitors. You can achieve this level of competency through memorizing, internalizing, and taking ownership. It’s a process that is meant to help you gain a clear and confident way of communicating with your client. It’s a small tool, with a big impact!

5 Steps to Building a Successful Career in Real Estate

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