How to Have a Successful Open House

If you’ve gone through all the effort to put together an open house, you want to make sure something comes out of it.

If you’re an agent, you’re probably familiar with what goes into prepping the space itself, but what do you do when your clients arrive? What do you say as people come and go? What makes the open house successful? That’s where we want to help. What comes after the prep does matter and we want you to feel prepared when you’re in the moment.

Often times, agents look at open houses the wrong way. It’s easy to get discouraged when an open house fails your expectations. Maybe not a lot of people showed up, or it didn’t generate as much business as you thought it would. The truth is, open houses do not guarantee success. But the good news is that the success of an open house is not defined by the number of visitors you have, but the value of the conversation, contacts earned, and appointments scheduled. Even if you had one person show up, but you make an appointment, you can count that open house as a success!

It all comes down to consistency and your skills. Growing your communication skills as an agent is vital to the open house process. How you talk to your open house guests makes a significant difference in the outcome. It’s important that you are able to communicate and articulate your value to potential clients.Start with having a strong greeting! Make sure you SMILE, greet your visitors, look them in the eye, and introduce yourself. Memorize their names. Ask them questions. These are simple things that can take your conversations to the next level.

As you continue to grow your skills, open houses will become more and more effective for your business. If your open houses are struggling, then you need to sharpen these communications skills and increase your consistency. If you put your best practices forward and speak confidently, you’re bound to increase interest and positive results because of it.

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